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Image by Rob Laughter

About us

The Shakespeare Circus’ approach to Shakespeare is always to empower the student and the Actor and give audiences an uplifting experience that they can connect with.

We want our actors and the students who work with them to become self-sufficient in approaching the language of Shakespeare through voice and Action!

It’s about liberation and freeing up and discarding all prior notions of Shakespeare – that it’s elitist or academic too high brow for the likes of us! A complex language only for the few to crack. Nonsense, he wrote for people like us about us!

Michael Corbidge and Victoria Williams, the artistic directors, have worked for decades with Shakespeare and also as associate voice and text practitioners for the Royal Shakespeare Company. They know how instinctive and Intuitive creatives are, so we build a world that plays into that creativity.

We also actively search out the relevance of Shakespeare today and how it resonates now! We make Shakespeare for Now for Today!

We want performers to realise Shakespeare is a lot easier than you think! Of course, it takes time to perfect it!

Unleashing Shakespeare involves getting out of the head and into the whole body! Confidence builds fast with brilliant playfulness. It never feels like work. More like a game in the schoolyard!

It’s about reclamation! Taking the power and realising Shakespeare has left us - Yes Us! The clues on the Page.

We have the ability to bring his extraordinary language to you with power, relish and utter joy!

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